Terms and Conditions

I (in case of an individual) or we (in case of more than one individual) in the capacity of a Director, Owner, Proprietor, Partner or otherwise as any other authorised representative or authority by which I am representing (henceforth referred to as 'We') this organisation hereby agree unconditionally to abide and adhere to all rules and regulations relating to booking, sales, and pricing of FLYeasy made by us or my organisation, under the Login ID or IDs assigned to us in accordance with our above application to FLYeasy.

Additionally, We will at all times cooperate with and be obliged to FLYeasy to provide any and all data, documents including but not limited to copies of payment receipts, invoices, itineraries, and any other such document that may be required by FLYeasy to verify, for the purposes of authenticity or otherwise, any transaction done by us.

We also accept the responsibility to submit when asked by FLYeasy to FLYeasy any and all documents required to establish our identity as being represented in this form. We also understand that FLYeasy reserves any and all rights, in part or full, to accept or reject our application without being obliged to specify a reason whatsoever and We will not seek any legal recourse or appeal for such rejection.