What to Wear Where?

What to wear on a flight

It is very important to know what to wear on an airplane – even more than knowing what not to wear. If you are fashionable and own really fashionable outfits, then such clothing should be reserved for appropriate occasions and should be ditched during air travel. Also, those who fall in the jeans- and – sneakers category should also think carefully about what to wear on a plane.

Wear natural and breathable fabrics

Tight clothes are known to restrict blood flow. And this is especially not good in the seat of an airplane, where the space is already very limited. You can wear loose fitting natural fibre clothes instead of skinny jeans. Clothes made from cotton or linen can give your skin some breathing room.

Comfortable shoes

Heels do not allow freedom of movement, and they are known to cause a large number of ailments like chronic foot pain and hammer toes. Also, they do not help in making a clean exit in case of an emergency. Hiking boot are alright if you really need them, for wearing them is a lot more convenient than carrying them. Slip – ons are great to ease your way through security.

Wear freshly washed clothes

You have been in your destination for a couple of weeks, and have only packed so much. By the date of your departure, you have run out of clean clothes. You might want to wear something that just about passes the sniff test and leave for the airport. What you should remember here is that odours get intensified on a plane. The passengers are cramped very close to each other and stale air is recycled through the cabin.

The person who does not smell of anything is the perfect seatmate. So, it is advisable to keep a clean outfit reserved for the return flight. Don’t bathe in cologne. If you can, avoid it altogether. Smells are subjective. While you might love the smell of a certain perfume or cologne, your seatmate might just hate it. Also, those with allergies and asthmas can have a serious reaction to perfumes.

Layers, layers, and layers

Passengers flying to their destination have to go through a multitude of temperature changes throughout their journey. They have to jog through the airport terminal and that gets them all sweaty. Then there are the warm 20 minutes that passengers have to bear as the plane sits on the tarmac before taking off, and the chill that passengers experience in flight. Layers are your best weapon against such varying conditions. Also, the more clothes you have around your waist or shoulders, the less you will have to stuff in your suitcase.

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