An airline that is different

The airline industry has come a long, long way. As children, most of us only dreamt of flying. Only the rich and the famous flew. Regular Joes took the train. The airline industry did not have to face a lot of competition, with only two airlines ferrying people across. The market was small, and was dominated by Air India and Indian Airlines.

The tickets were expensive, and having a meal somewhere around 30,000 feet in the air was novelty. As time passed, more players came in. But one airline changed the game. Air Deccan brought in the concept of low – cost airlines, thereby enabling every person to afford a ticket.

This led to an increase in the number of consumers, and people could see a huge profit in the business. Eventually, more players entered the market and each of them pitched their services differently, while, essentially, offering the same services. The in – flight experience became as basic as possible. People were no longer served meals on board, and they had to buy food.

FlyEasy aims at bringing together the best of both worlds by combining the novelty of having a complimentary appetizing snack 30,000 feet in air and the economy of a low – cost airline. FlyEasy is a perfect blend of the old and the new. We go beyond the present norms of the industry to serve you with love and grace. You matter to us more than anything else does.

About FLYeasy: FLYeasy will connect various cities from across India to its home base at Bangalore, offering a unique combination of direct connections. Our connections are delivered through our modern, state of the art E-jets, which are quiet, and comfortable. With the widest seats and longest legroom in class, short boarding times, no middle seats, and complimentary on board food/snacks service, we only keep adding more value to your travel. We value your time, and money.