Making your travel more convenient and comfortable

At FLYeasy, you'll enjoy a level of travel comfort that will keep you smiling throughout. However, at FLYeasy, we value the uniqueness of each and every one of our guests. Keeping you in mind, we propose some simple means by which your travel may be made more comfortable.

Perhaps an extra snack?

We're  going to offer you a delicious snack on board our flights, that will be balanced in quantity so that you're satisfied.  Our cabin crew will serve each and every one of our guests on board.

We realise that your taste and appetite may vary from what we consider average. To make your travel more convenient, may we suggest you also carry small, non – perishable snacks like different nuts, granola, or protein bars? You may want to munch while waiting to board, but you may not have the time to make it to an airport snacks counter. You may also want to chew a protein bar before departure, for some healthy fuel before departure!

Whatever may be the reason to carry your personal snack to suit your taste buds and convenience, we suggest to bring along only dry food items, as the liquid – like ones may be confiscated by the airport security. Please also remember that a snack that has the least odour will be appreciated by your fellow passengers!

Portable Power.

With the advent and widespread acceptance of mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets, our dependence on these devices has greatly increased. Entertainment today is pretty much in your hands!

 One way we're going to keep fares competitive is by not offering in flight entertainment. Your smartphone or tab in airplane mode will be your  source entertainment, besides our breathtaking views from our large windows! But we also know that batteries for  such devices drain out fast.

It is advisable to have your own portable charger so that your devices are always available, no matter what!

Quieter than quiet.

Our aircraft are quieter than quiet. However, in a country as wide and diverse as India, we do get guests from different cultural backgrounds. Some of our guests may also be infants!

Most ear pieces these days serve the purpose of noise reduction. If you're travelling alone, and desire even more personalised space than what we offer, we request you to carry earphones or headphones that will give you the levels of decibels (or lack of it) that you desire!

Wrap it, or spread it.

A large scarf made of light wool, or a pashmina, is a wonderful all – purpose item to have on your person. It is versatile enough to be used for different purposes. You can use it as a shawl, a pillow, a scarf, a skirt cover, and as an accessory to dress up travel outfits.

Neck pillow and eye mask

When you are on flight after a long day, a nap is well deserved. If you are sensitive to ambient light, we suggest you carry a strap on an eye mask. Our seats are very comfortable, but should you desire more comfort, you may carry a nice, supportive neck pillow to help you sleep like a baby high up in the air! You may also use your pashmina as a blanket to complete that perfect rest.

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About FLYeasy: FLYeasy will connect various cities from across India to its home base at Bangalore, offering a unique combination of direct connections. Our connections are delivered through our modern, state of the art E-jets, which are quiet, and comfortable. With the widest seats and longest legroom in class, short boarding times, no middle seats, and complimentary on board food/snacks service, we only keep adding more value to your travel. We value your time, and money. To read more, click here.